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Sports specific rehabilitation

Sports specific rehabilitation for you

It is important that your physiotherapist has an in depth understanding of the unique demands placed upon your body by particular sports regardless of what level you are participating at. This applies to running, swimming, cycling, tennis, various team sports as well as equestrian sports. It is important to work with a physiotherapist who understands your chosen sport. As a lifelong horse rider herself, our principal physiotherapist, Eilís, understands the equestrian world and appreciates the different nuances and physical demands of each equestrian discipline. 


Our values: Compassion, Empathy & Respect

We understand the effect of pain, injury, disease and disability on you as a person. We understand that pain and discomfort not only affects you physically, but can also have a negative impact on your mental health. Furthermore, the ability to participate in your various roles in life, not just as an equestrian athlete but as a partner, parent, professional and friend, can also be affected.

We treat you, with compassion, empathy and respect, just as we would expect to be treated ourselves.

JHH Physio APA member

Qualified physiotherapist for you

Our physiotherapist, Eilís, is qualified and insured to apply her physiotherapy skills to both humans and animals. With a degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy, you can be sure that your health and well-being is in the hands of a highly qualified physiotherapist who has the expertise and experience to care for you.

JHH Eilis

Professional experience in public and private healthcare

Eilís has well over a decade of experience working in a variety of human physiotherapy settings from the acute hospital setting, to sub-acute and community based rehabilitation as well as private practice. Eilís has a accrued a vast knowledge base in managing a broad range of conditions affecting both owners and riders, with experience working as a physiotherapist in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. She has experience in dealing with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, women’s health, orthopaedic rehabilitation, sporting injuries, neuro and vestibular rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and has a particular interest in the management and rehabilitation of persistent pain.

JHH Physio Personal Experience

Personal experience as a rider

Much to the dismay of her folks, Eilís ‘caught the horse bug' at an early age, when a school friend introduced her to the family pony. Starting with the commitment (and challenge!) of caring for a pet stallion donkey, it wasn't long before she was spending all her time with ponies. Eilís was in her element grooming horses, mucking out stables and exploring the Irish hills and forestry on her Connemara pony. Before moving ‘down under’, Eilís competed successfully at local hunter trials, eventing and showjumping whilst studying and holding down a job working with mares and foals at Coolmore stud, learning all about the thoroughbred industry in Ireland. Eilís understands the equestrian lifestyle and loves assisting riders to get back in the saddle and achieving their own equestrian goals.


Physiotherapy for you in the comfort of your own home (or yard!)

Your time is precious. Leave the traffic to us and relax in the comfort of your own home while we come to you. Offering a mobile physiotherapy clinic, Eilís brings her plinth, treatment ‘tool bag’ and a range of fun and challenging rehabilitation equipment to your home. Eilís has experience working as a physiotherapist in a variety of settings including living rooms, stables, arenas, paddocks and even horse floats!


Save time, money and improve outcomes with one physiotherapist for horse & rider

Eilís is qualified to assess and treat both you and your horse, and offers horse and rider consultations. These consultations involve assessment of both the horse and rider as individuals as well as assessment of horse and rider as a team. Assessment of horse and rider together is the ultimate in sports specific physiotherapy. In addition, the rider component of the assessment can be claimed on your private health insurance.


Physiotherapy - with you in the saddle

Research has shown that the rider has an effect on how the horse moves and vice versa. Stiffness in a joint, weakness or poor neuromuscular motor control in a particular muscle group or limb will likely have a negative impact on the riders ability to give clear, timely aids to their horse. In addition, an unevenly balanced rider, or a rider suffering from pain can cause pain in their horse who must adapt their movement patterns in order to cope with the rider’s impairments and disabilities. Assessment of the rider in the saddle allows the physiotherapist to perform a functional evaluation of the riders performance. Furthermore, Video analysis and photography can be used as a further assessment tool, in order to monitor change.

Equine rider on ground.jpeg

Fitness, return to riding and injury prevention programs for you

Eilís has over a decade of experience in guiding clients back to their chosen professions, lifestyles and hobbies after suffering from injury and illness. Whether it be returning to dressage after a total hip replacement, caring for your horse effectively in spite of experiencing persistent pain or improving ankle mobility and proprioception after a ligament strain, Eilís can help you achieve your goals. Eilís has personal experience in training for and successfully completing ultra-marathon trail runs up to 100km and is no stranger to developing fitness, strength and endurance training programs.


Individual & group Pilates sessions

Enjoy Pilates classes in the comfort of your home, the convenience of your local clubrooms with your friends, or enjoy ‘plein air Pilates’ in the paddock on a sunny day. Eilís incorporates mat based Pilates techniques into her rehabilitation programs and supplies all necessary equipment. As Pilates forms part of your physiotherapy treatment plan, private health rebates can be claimed for clinical pilates sessions.

Equine horse and rider show jumping .jpeg

What skills do you need for your chosen equestrian discipline?

Not all equestrian sports involve time in the saddle. Showing, driving, natural horsemanship, breeding horses and being a groom are examples of how we might choose to be around horses but with our feet on the ground; yet each of these place unique physical demands upon our bodies. Do you need the precise fine motor control skills of a dressage rider? Or the athleticism, timing and accuracy of a show jumper? Or perhaps you need stamina and endurance for endurance riding? Or are you a jack of all trades and need to master all areas for the eventing world? We can help you develop an individualised rehabilitation and sports specific training program to get back on track with your personal and professional goals in mind.

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We collaborate with your healthcare team

As an Allied Health member of your healthcare team, we work alongside the various other professionals involved in your healthcare. We work and regularly communicate with a wide range of healthcare professionals including G.P.’s, orthopaedic surgeons, sports injury physicians, rehabilitation specialists, pain management physicians, psychologists and podiatrists. We understand our scope of practice and know when to refer you to another health professional for further investigations and appropriate specialist care.

Rider EBP.jpeg

Evidence based practice for you

A commitment to continuous professional development is one of the cornerstones of the physiotherapy profession. As registered physiotherapists with AHPRA in addition to being APA and ACPAT members, we commit to evidence based practice and lifelong learning. It’s a good thing that we love to study, read and learn about all things physiotherapy!

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You as a rider - an athlete with goals

Physiotherapists assess, diagnose (in humans only!), treat and prevent a huge array of health conditions and movement disorders. We aim to reduce pain, improve flexibility, strength, endurance and stamina and optimise proprioception, coordination and balance. Ultimately, we aim to improve your quality of life. We do this through identifying and setting goals.

What is quality of life for you? Is it the ability to walk out to the paddock to look after your equine companion? Or is it more ambitious, progressing through the competitive ranks and becoming an equestrian athlete? We will discuss your personal and professional goals and develop a treatment plan in line with your values to help you achieve your goals and get back to enjoying a good quality of life.

Physiotherapy can help in the following areas:

Spinal Pain & Dysfunction

JHH Physio Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

JHH Physiotherapy Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

JHH Physiotherapy Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injury

JHH Physio Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy

Pre and post natal physiotherapy



JHH Physio Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

JHH Physio Rider fitness

Rider Fitness Programs

JHH Physio Rider Performance

Rider Performance