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JHH Physio Compassion

Our values: Compassion, Empathy & Respect

We know that your hound is a member of your family and each and every hound is unique, so their physiotherapy consultation will be tailored accordingly. We love hounds of all breeds, shapes, sizes, ages and personalities. We treat your hound with compassion, empathy and respect, just as we would a hound of our own.

JHH Physio APA member

Qualified physiotherapists

Although demand for rehabilitation of hounds is growing in Australia, animal rehabilitation is an unregulated industry so care needs to be taken when choosing whom to entrust your best friend’s healthcare to. With a degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy, you can be sure that the well being of your hound is in the hands of a highly qualified physiotherapist who has the expertise and experience to care for both you and your hound.

JHH Physio in the comfort of your own home

Care in the comfort of your own home

Your time is precious! Put your feet up, let your hound snooze or play and let us deal with the traffic and come to you. Not many dogs enjoy the clinic setting. Home visits mean we can assess and treat your hound in the comfort of their own home - this is particularly important for unwell or anxious dogs who may not tolerate travel or clinic environments well. Furthermore, we can assess and make recommendations to ensure your home is as rehabilitation friendly as possible.

JHHP We give your hound time

We give your hound our time

What’s the rush? We are happy to take our time, giving your hound our undivided attention and care. Unlike most physiotherapy clinics who limit their sessions to 30 minutes, we always allow up to an hour per consultation. This allows for adequate time to get to know you and your hound, build a rapport and of course allow time to observe, assess, discuss, treat and plan. Furthermore, our service fees are comparable to clinics offering sessions of just half the time. We use our time, and your time well.

JHH Physio Multidisciplinary Team Member

We collaborate

As an Allied Health member of your hound’s healthcare team, we may wish to liaise with your treating veterinarian before and / or after your initial consultation. Remember, only your veterinarian can legally make a diagnosis for your hound, so it is of paramount importance that your veterinarian and physiotherapist communicate and work collaboratively. Your physiotherapist cannot replace your vet and vice versa. Just like in the human health care realm; your GP will recommend a physiotherapist, but not provide physiotherapy.

JHH Physio We Promise to give you homework!

We promise to give you homework!

In fact, what you do with your hound at home on a daily basis is just as important as what we do during our consultation. With our guidance, a bespoke rehabilitation program that is specially tailored for your hound can be turned into play time, making rehabilitation a positive and enjoyable experience for both you your hound. Physiotherapy can be fun!

JHH Physio Commitment to lifelong learning

We commit to lifelong learning

A commitment to continuous professional development is one of the cornerstones of the the physiotherapy profession. As registered physiotherapists with AHPRA in addition to being APA and ACPAT members, we commit to evidence based practice and lifelong learning. It’s a good thing that we love to study, read and learn about all things physiotherapy!

JHH Physio how to see your hound like a Physiotherapist does…

See your hound through the eyes of a physiotherapist…

Although some hounds are adept at communicating their every need with us, some hounds can be very stoic. This can make it challenging to identify the often subtle signs of discomfort your dog may be experiencing. It may be as obvious as vocalising or as simple as your dog being “not quite right”. We will teach you about the potential signs of discomfort to look for in your hound and show you how to reduce the risk of injury in the future.

JHH Physio Your Hound’s Quality of Life Matters

Your hounds quality of life matters

At the end of the day life is short, not just for us, but for our hounds too. Freedom from pain, freedom to move with ease and freedom to do the things we and our hounds enjoy in life are what make for a good life; a life well lived. We will work with you to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s to go for a walk around the block, winning that show ribbon, conquering that agility round or hiking in the hills.

Physiotherapy has a role in each of the following areas:

Soft Tissue Injury

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

The Athletic Hound

The Performance Hound

The Older Hound

The Older Hound

Weight Loss

The Overweight Hound


Training Programs

You and your hound

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