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Welcome to our JHH Physiotherapy blog! I am very excited to finally have our website up and running, after many years devoted to the study of the unique profession that is Animal Physiotherapy, or Veterinary Physiotherapy as it is referred to in the UK.

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in Ireland many years ago, and working for the last decade with humans in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, I found myself in a position where I was able to pursue my lifelong dream of specializing in and working with animals. As a teenager I had always imagined that this would be as a veterinarian, but life had other plans in store for me! I chose to study physiotherapy as I was fascinated with both human and equine anatomy and physiology. Combined with a passion for art and books – it wasn’t long before I was sketching the horse’s skeleton whilst at school and reading all the magazines and books I could lay my hands on about animal fitness and health. Unlike other allied health professions, physiotherapy was the one complimentary health profession where I could specialize in animals at a post graduate level, and so there my journey in physiotherapy began in 2003.

Having spent the last three years studying animal physiotherapy via the University of Liverpool in the UK, I am finally in a position to get my dream business, Jockey, Horse & Hound Physiotherapy off the ground – it has been a dream in the making for a long time! Studying via the UK whilst living in Australia has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding journey, allowing me to spend priceless hours studying with and being mentored by some of the most experienced, world renowned and highly regarded animal physiotherapists in both Australia and in the UK. After gaining my Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2015, I decided to continue my study and pursue my Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy, and am currently researching outcomes in dogs who have suffered a cruciate ligament injury.

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I am very excited at the prospect of getting to know the owners, riders, horses and hounds in Melbourne and its surrounding shires, sharing my knowledge and assisting you to manage your or your animal’s injuries, achieve your goals and get back on track after injury or illness.

If you are unsure as to whether Physiotherapy is appropriate for you or your animals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I am more than happy to chat and discuss your needs before you commit to an appointment. In addition, if you would like me to liaise with your vet regarding physiotherapy, please do let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you – be sure to subscribe to our blog and check back regularly to learn more about what is new in the physiotherapy world. I will be exploring physiotherapy news, recent research and topics relevant to you and your animal’s health.