Jockey, Horse and Hound Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service, offering home based physiotherapy for both you and your animals in Melbourne and surrounding regions in Victoria. 


Equine Physiotherapy

Not just for the elite equine athlete, physiotherapy can help horses and ponies of all types and at various stages of life, from injury prevention to injury management.


Canine Physiotherapy

From injury prevention in the working and performing dog to rehabilitation post surgery, physiotherapy can help dogs of all shapes, sizes, age and ability to move and feel well, ensuring optimal quality of life.


Rider Physiotherapy

Equestrian sports place unique physical demands placed on both the horse and the rider. Often overlooked, rider health, flexibility, strength and balance are key to a harmonious and effective team.


Our physiotherapist, Eilís McCarthy, is fully qualified and insured to work with both humans as well as small and large animals.

With over a decade of experience working in a variety of physiotherapy settings, from the acute hospital setting to sub-acute and community based rehabilitation as well as private practice, Eilís has a wealth of experience in managing a broad range of conditions affecting both owners and riders. 

Eilís completed a Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy, with the University of Liverpool in the UK and is qualified to treat both large and small animals.

Offering an evidence based approach, our assessment and individualized treatment plans will assist both you and your animals in reaching your full potential.